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Covers for albums that will never exist

I have a couple word games that I like to play. If I hear a phrase or a combination of words that would make for a good band/album/70s detective name (Detective Trip Hazard is my all-time favourite), I make sure to write them down into a list. I do this partially because it’s funny, and partly because it helps me to develop a sense of play with language. I took a few names from my hypothetical band list and decided to try visualising them.
When imagining the album covers, I tried to think of what kind of sound each album would have based on it’s name. Guilt Trips would feel much more melancholy than the upbeat summer single Mowed Over, which would feel more acoustic than the electronic Press ESC to Exit, and so on.
I used a combination of photography, physical illustration, and Photoshop touch ups to produce each cover.

The Band Name List.

By William

A third year Graphic Design & Illustration student currently studying at De Montfort University. I enjoy creating both physical and digital design and dabble in various creative outlets in my spare time.

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