Recent Repairs 25/12

Another instalment of clothing repairs today. Don’t let the date fool you, this one doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas. The need to write these posts strike me at impossible to predict intervals, with no respect for holidays, and oftentimes it feels like a wave of fervour crashing over my shores. The loose connecting […]

Personal work

Illustrations 12/20

Some illustrations that I’ve made in a recent-ish timeframe. There’s a couple of older ones mixed in here that didn’t make it onto the blog for one reason or another, but they’re here now for posterity! EDIT 24/12/20 – Added fifth image

Clothing Personal work

Winter Texture

Covid-19 Lockdown continues in the United Kingdom, and continues to reveal some painful truths about my choice of wardrobe:
1. I definitely wear fun shirts for other people and not for myself,
2. I do not love all of my jeans equally,
3. Overshirts are my favourite outer layer.